Date of Incorporation: Established as an Utah non-profit corporation on 28 November 2001
  Date of Tax
Exempt Status:
Approved as 501(c)(3) tax exempt corporation by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service as of December 2001
  Board of Trustees: Cole R. Capener, adjunct professor of law, former partner, Baker & McKenzie
Robert Hughes, Director at Tonkin Group, Hanoi, Vietnam, Former Disaster Chair, Utah Red Cross
Madeline Schilder,
V.P. /Assistant General Counsel, AEG Live
Martin H. Hack,
lawyer, formerly Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan, New York Life
  Advisory Board: Dr. David Katzenstein, Professor of Medicine, Stanford Medical School
Dr. Dennis Israelski, Professor of Medicine, Stanford Medical School
Robert Rees, Phd , Adjunct Professor, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley.
Angela Soper, Screenwriter/Producer
Michael L. Capener, Harvard MBA / CPA, officer FDIC
Jane Zhao, Renmin University Graduate, Journalist and Reporter for Beijing TV and Outdoor Exploration Magazine
Jennifer Wells, MPH, formerly UCSF, Zimbabwe
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